Perfect Garage Organization Ideas for the Summer

Summer is here, and often people take a more relaxed approach to life and lighten their schedules a bit to make time for family, fun, and vacations. In addition to the fun, maybe you have a dreaded “to do” list to tackle. For many people, getting the job done early leaves more time to play. And the summertime is the perfect time to tackle any DIY projects, including your Orlando garage organization. Check out a few of these great summer garage organization ideas.

  • Secure your items overhead. You’ll want to keep your items clean and dry this summer, which means keeping them off the floor. Try using some of Garage Design Works’ overhead storage systems to keep your garage floor clean and your items safe and secure.

  • Keep your summer essentials organized and in reach. Set aside a location for all of your summer fun necessities! Stash away beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, beach balls, and other supplies in your garage cabinets. Be sure to keep them at a height that’s accessible for the kids, too!

  • Hang up muddy shoes. With the increase in rain that comes with Florida’s summer, your shoes are sure to get dirty. Try adding a rack to your wall storage system to keep those muddy shoes off your nice clean floor!

  • Go green with accessible disposal bins. Make a commitment to go green this summer. Set aside a small area in your garage where you can easily access the recycling bin.

  • Organize all your DIY tools. Nothing is more irritating than misplacing the tools necessary to complete a project. Keep all the tools you’ll need for your summer projects within reach with a variety of Garage Design Works’ wall hooks and holders.

There are a number of great Orlando garage organization ideas you can tackle this summer. With the help of Garage Design Works, your garage will be organized and clutter free, allowing you to spend more time with the family and less time digging up the buried beach buckets. Visit the Garage Design Works website today for more organization information.

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