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Pool Storage

Our Gladiator Premier Series Garage Cabinets provide superior strength, standard solid rubber casters, and a lifetime limited warranty, making them the perfect place to organize your pool storage. Don’t wait until the summertime has started! Find out how you can use our cabinets to store pool supplies.

Make Labels
Start with a label maker. Make sure to clearly label your shelves and storage bins to keep cleaning supplies, toys, and towels separated and organized. Consider organizing your pool supplies into the following categories:

  • Swim gear: Store any goggles, snorkels, or swim masks in this category.
  • Toys: Do you have inflatables, kickboards, diving sticks, torpedos, or beach balls that your kids always grab for pool time? Make them easy to grab and easy to find! Grab a few bins for toys. Depending on how many you have, you can subcategorize them into categories such as “group games” or “diving practice.
  • Dry items: Dedicate one shelf to dry things such as towels or terry cloth cover-ups. Keep these away from the other things in your closet so no one accidentally stores their wet goggles in the same place as a fresh towel!
  • Chemicals: It’s important to keep chemicals separate, as well as out of reach of little hands, so chlorine tabs and PH test kits should be stored up high. Explain to your children that these are not toys and that they help to keep the pool safe and clean. By storing your chemicals in one place, you’ll never have to go searching for them again.

Storage Bench
Our storage bench comes with sliding dual bypass doors and a thick bamboo top. If you have little ones, this is a great place to store pool toys in a place that’s easy for them to reach! It’s also a good spot to keep flip flops or any other shoes that are okay to get wet.

Choose Your Style
The Original Premier Series is sleek and silver with a hammered granite finish and industrial feel. But if you’re hoping for a different feel, our Everest White Cabinets allow you to stay neat and organized without compromising taste or aesthetics. They feature stylish cabinet doors and hardware more reminiscent of the cabinets you’d have inside your home. Contact us today to learn more about the different garage organization Orlando systems we have to offer.