Preparing Your Garage for Spring Cleaning

Spring is drawing near and it’s time to leave those garage doors open to get some fresh air as you work in your garage.  If your garage is dusty, dirty and stockpiled with clutter, it’s definitely time for garage spring cleaning.

Decluttering and Sorting

Start by decluttering. Place a garbage can in the middle of your garage for trash. Designate containers or areas for items to keep, donate, or sell. When you pick something up, find a place for it.  Orlando garage organization is key in this case.


Old cans of paint, defunct electronics, and used recreational equipment can be recycled. Check your city’s website for recycle centers in your area. Think about donating any extra lumber or wood to Habitat for Humanity or to a high school wood-working shop.


Once you’ve completed your decluttering, place anything left in the garage in your driveway. Remove any dust or cobwebs from the walls and floors. Thoroughly vacuum and power wash your garage floor so that you start with a clean surface. Clean and organize your workbench. Consider painting the walls and having Garage Design Works apply one of their attractive, durable Armor Seal Garage Floor Coatings to make your garage feel like home.

Storage Planning

Now that your garage is clean and empty, plan your storage areas. Items that you are keeping should be stored by like function. For example gardening tools, seeds, and fertilizers should be kept in one spot; paint, paint brushes, caulking, painter’s tape, and your toolbox can be stored in another area. Try to keep items off the floor for more room and a tidy look. Consider purchasing Garage Design Works’ Premier Gladiator wall cabinet units to store all of the smaller sundry items you use every day. Place dangerous chemicals, paints, and gasoline out of reach and stored in appropriate containers. Invest in a Garage Design Works’ sturdy wall storage systems to hang large items like rakes, shovels, and bikes. Place seasonal items like holiday decorations, or off-season sports equipment in an overhead bin storage system.

Sit back and admire your work when finished. With a clean and organized garage, you’ll have more space and be able to use your garage for working and other fun activities. How do you spring clean your garage?