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How Proper Garage Organization Can Increase Your Home’s Value

GAWA046PSY[1].jpg One month Florida is a buyer’s market, and the next, it’s a seller’s market. If you are contemplating selling your home, consider renovating your garage. A recent survey of 500 real estate agents and brokers noted that 82% of those surveyed believe an unorganized garage can negatively impact the first impression of a potential home buyer. To give your home the appeal it deserves, organize and update your garage with help from the Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works.

  • First Impressions: First impressions are vital in the housing market. In fact, 98% of those surveyed believe first impressions have a strong bearing on whether the buyer will purchase the home. When the buyer notes a beautiful epoxy floor covering in your garage, his or her opinion may drastically change. Why? You have invested in something that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Suddenly, other changes in your home are seen in a different light – the doorknob for the front door or light bulbs in the fixtures may be noted for the same values.
  • The Garage is for Storage: When discussing storage areas, 96% of realtors and agents agree garages are preferable to attics or basements. Size is obviously a huge factor for garages, as well as ease of accessibility. When goods are stored in the garage, they require proper storage facilities. Upgrades, such as Gladiator wall systems, cabinets, and ONRAX overhead storage systems add value and beauty to your home. Storing your items out of the way tells potential buyers you care about your supplies, which, in turn, makes them realize you treat your home with the same respect.  
  • What are Garages Known For? Nine out of 10 home buyers view garages as entertainment areas and storage areas. Many homeowners grill burgers or steaks on the driveway, and open the garage for neighbors to drop in and visit. A small refrigerator tucked under a series of shelves can hold beverages, and dedicated hooks in a Gladiator wall system can hold lawn chairs while they are not in use. Ceiling-mounted fans and a sound system may stimulate you or a potential buyer to prefer entertaining outside rather than inside!

To make your home more marketable, invest in your garage. A complimentary home visit by the Garage Design Works crew will lead to changes that can give your home the edge it deserves in the competitive real estate market. Call the Orlando garage storage experts today at 407-447-8890, and browse our website to see our line of products and services.

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