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How to Protect Your Garage From the Elements

The door of your garage is the only thing standing in the way of Mother Nature’s seasonal forces, such as wind, rain, and heat.  The average home garage is designed to offer basic protection from these natural elements. Unfortunately, this basic protection isn’t enough to guarantee the safety of your vehicle or household items stored inside.

Garage Design Works recommends taking several preventative steps to protect your Orlando garage ceiling storage, or other types of storage systems from weather damage.

Do a Complete Clean

Before you do any sort of weatherproofing in your garage, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Grab a broom and sweep away dirt and debris. A portable vacuum is a good tool to use for removing corner cobwebs, dust, and old leaves hiding between cracks and crevices. Use a soft cloth to wipe grime off windows, and be sure to clean or replace light bulbs.

Upgrade Worn Weather Stripping

Inspect the rubber weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door. If it’s cracked and frayed, it’s time to remove and replace the stripping. Not only does sturdy stripping keep air from flowing inside the garage, it also helps to keep out rain and snow.

Seal Gaps and Holes

No garage door has a perfect seal, and chances are when the door is completely closed, you’ll find gaps or holes. These gaps and holes, regardless of how small, allow extreme cold, sizzling heat and rain to sneak inside. You can easily correct this issue by filling these leaks by caulking.

Insulate the Door

A great way to protect your garage from extreme outside temperatures is to layer the door with insulation. Taking this energy efficient step creates a comfortable environment and helps keep bugs out.

Install Wall Vents

Installing one or two wall vents, placed on opposite ends of a wall, keeps air circulating inside the garage. Hot, humid air flows out, preventing moisture damage to stored items.

Install a Garage Heater

If you live in an area that gets seasonally cold, a garage heater is a good way to stay warm. These industrial quality heaters are a safer choice than regular space heaters. Typically, garage heaters are installed on the ceiling, and they are attached to a ventilation system. Portable garage heaters offer more flexibility.

To optimize the benefits of a wonderfully efficient Orlando garage ceiling storage system, consider protecting your garage from potentially harmful weather conditions. Garage Design Works can help you protect and revamp your garage, making it a valuable, energy-efficient work and storage space. Call us now at 407-447-8890 for garage organizing ideas.