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Questions to Ask Yourself Pre-Renovation

pexels photo 206172 While many people focus on decorating the main house, a garage renovation is the perfect way to increase your home’s usable space. With the right Orlando garage ceiling storage systems in place, you’ll be able to maximize storage and maintain valuable floor space. Before you begin the project, ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re prepared.

“How Will I Use the Space?”

Before you start designing, consider how you’ll use the space. Are you transforming the garage into a dedicated work area, or do you want to create a guest house? Remember, depending on the neighborhood you live in, the type of renovation you choose can impact your home’s property value. Look at how your neighbors have handled similar projects to give you a better idea of how it will impact any potential resale value.

“Will I Miss Using the Garage for My Car?”

If you primarily use your garage as a storage unit and are looking to further maximize available storage space, you likely won’t need to worry. However, if you use your garage as a parking place for your car, you need to decide where you’ll park once the renovation is underway. Will you miss being able to use the garage as a carport? If so, you may need to consider only doing minimal renovations.

“What Colors Do I Want to Incorporate?”

Even if you’re transforming your garage into a workspace, you’ll still need to think about a color scheme. Flooring upgrades like durable epoxy coatings are available in different colors and finishes. Picking a bold color will make a statement, but it still needs to go well with the rest of the home. Consider which garage floor color is best for you and your existing designs.

“Will I Have Enough Storage Space?”

Consider how much storage space you really need. Before you start clearing the space out for the project, evaluate how many things you store in your garage. Get rid of what you can, but don’t forget to get creative with your storage solutions. Use overhead storage to free up floor space and make use of wall systems and vertical storage.

“Who Can Install Everything?”

At Garage Design Works, we’ll help you find the right storage solution for your renovated garage, whether you want wall systems or permanently mounted cabinets. You’ll never have to worry about installation or struggling to mount the units! Our team will take care of it all. Contact us today for a free estimate on an Orlando garage ceiling storage system.

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