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Questions to Ask When Organizing and Cleaning Out Your Garage

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Winter is the perfect time to rethink everything in your garage space. You’re at home more and, thanks to the holiday season and decorating, probably in your garage more than normal. We’re not saying go full Marie Kondo and get rid of your favorite stored items, but these questions can help you during the (sometimes dreaded) organization process. 

How do I want to use this garage space?

Garages can be more than places to park your cars and store miscellaneous items. Ask yourself what space you’d like to have that your house currently doesn’t have room for. Your garage can double as a fitness studio to an office space. It can be a workshed, an art studio, or any combination of things. Knowing how you want to use the space will help determine how to build for that space. 

Do I use everything in my garage at least once a year? 

Before you start the “great garage purge,” take an inventory of what you have. A good rule of thumb is asking yourself how frequently you use what’s in your garage. Because garages store miscellaneous — but useful — items, ask yourself if you’ve used an item at least once each year. A kayak, for example, might’ve seemed like a great investment four years ago, but if you haven’t been kayaking, it might be taking up valuable space in your garage.

Would I use these items more if I stored them properly? 

Sometimes “out of sight” truly puts an object out of mind. While you sort through your garage, you’ll probably come across an item or two that makes you say “wow I wish I used this more” or “I forgot I had this!” When it comes time to reorganize your space, find a way to make these items more visible. Slatwall storage, for example, can be a great way to keep athletic equipment at the ready. 

Are there storage options I haven’t considered yet? 

Organizing your garage properly can require more than standard storage cabinets. Overhead storage and wall hooks elevate space-consuming equipment like bikes or tools. If you have a lot of smaller items, consider a mesh caddy for easier access. 

You don’t have to empty your garage for it to be “organized.” All you need are smart storage solutions that transform your space into whatever you need it to be. A well-designed and well-organized garage gives you the peace of mind that your favorite equipment will be ready to go whenever you are. To learn more about garage organization techniques, check out the Garage Design Works blog.

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