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Revamp Your Barbecue Space

Florida’s warm, sunny summers practically demand you to host a barbecue by the pool. Maybe this is the year you spruce up your summer entertainment spot with a beautiful, durable epoxy floor! Orlando garage floors aren’t just for garages, and the same exceptional epoxy that keeps your garage clean can do the same for your patio or lanai.

Stands up to Traffic

You need a heavy-duty floor for patios and lanais, which handle lots of foot traffic and activity, especially over the summertime. Our low-maintenance epoxy floors use a coating that’s four times stronger than regular epoxy! They are permanently sealed and never stain, fade or yellow. Furthermore, they are resistant to chemicals, abrasions, impacts, and UV rays.

No Water Penetration

Bacteria or mold is no longer a concern when it comes to our epoxy flooring. Water does not penetrate the top coat, which prevents mold and bacteria growth. In addition, oils and other spills won’t seep into the creeks, like they would for tiles or rubber mats.

A Variety of Choices

Our floors feature excellent color and gloss and come in a variety of grades, colors, and finishes. Whatever your décor or preferred color scheme, we can suit your needs — you can even take this quiz to discover which color might be the perfect match for your personality! Your neighbors will marvel at your beautiful entertainment space.

Cleans Up Nicely

Epoxy floors require little to no maintenance. Food and drink spill clean up easily, and you never have to worry about dropping something heavy or corrosive on this floor. So let the kids run and play, let the dogs loose, and let your friends play horseshoes or a few sets of outdoor bowling! Roll out your grill and all of your barbecuing gear; this floor is made to handle it.

Utilize Storage

Between a grill, patio furniture, outdoor toys, and maybe even pool cleaning supplies, it’s important to have excellent storage. Our top-of-the-line Everest white cabinets are constructed from heavy-duty welded steel for long life and durability, and can safely accommodate your belongings to keep your patio clean and tidy year-round.

Want a Clean, Refined Look?

Contact Garage Design Works when you decide to breathe new life into your backyard. We can’t wait to share our Orlando garage floor ideas with you and transform your patio into the summer entertainment spot of your dreams!


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