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Secrets to Keeping Your Garage Effortlessly Organized Year Round

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Ever feel like “spring cleaning” happens multiple times throughout the year? If you feel like you tackle mess after mess, you’re not alone. Our clients come to us after struggling to stay organized, and the garage is normally the place they’ve put off for years. However, at Garage Design Works, we firmly believe that every minute spent organizing is an hour earned. 

Start with a System that Works for You

It’s tempting to look at the latest organizational trend (konmari method, anyone?) and try to apply it to your life. But more often than not, those trends don’t stick because they don’t resonate with how your family operates. That’s why we offer virtual consultations; we want to hear your goals for space so we can equip you with organizational tools that you’ll actually use. 

Pick the Right Containers

Those storage catalogs can be tempting. Everything neatly sorted and shiny and new — it’s enough to send you out running for the latest storage system on the market. However, it’s important to analyze both your space and what you’ll be storing. Ask yourself what you need to accomplish the goals you have for the space.

Add Garage Organization to Your Weekly Checklist

The best way to avoid spending several weekends organizing your garage each year? Add it into the regular maintenance you spend on the rest of your house. Most people consider the garage as an extension of their space; thus, clutter goes unaddressed for months until it’s too much. By doing a weekly inspection of your garage space and sorting through the area, you alleviate the dread of cleaning it. You might even realize you’ve got space to add areas like a gardening nook or craft room!

At Garage Design Works, we know how frustrating garage storage can be. That’s why we use our consultation system to help you create a solution you’ll love and will make the most of your space. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation. Give us the details and your dream ideas; we’ll take it from there.