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Should I Purchase a DIY Epoxy Coating Kit?

Picture your future epoxy coated floor. Does it look glossy and brand new to you? The answer is probably yes, but before you decide to buy a do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating kit, there are several factors you should keep in mind. As with nearly anything, planning is the key to success, and that goes for coating your floor!

Before your project, you want to ask yourself several questions. Why are you doing this project? Is it to make the floor easier to clean? Perhaps you want to hide stained or damaged concrete or you want to protect it from future damage or spills. Though an Orlando floor coating can do all of these things, it is proper installation that offers the best results.

Some existing conditions may be factors that could contribute to the failure of the project. If you aren’t prepared for some of the problems that come with DIY kits, you’re better off contacting a professional epoxy floor coating expert. Some existing problems could make your project more difficult to “do-it-yourself” including:

  • Moisture issues
  • Previously installed coating
  • Damaged areas
  • Large cracks
  • Lack of time and patience

DIY epoxy kits generally lack sufficient protection and are often prone to scratching, peeling and chipping away. They are also not UV tolerant, which results in fading. Previously applied epoxy or paint that hasn’t been removed can cause problems within a year, and result in peeling and chipping of both the new epoxy and the old paint. A professional, quality floor coating system is a much more cost-effective solution to improving your garage floors, and you won’t have to have it reapplied due to premature failure.

Coating your garage floor gives you a variety of options on how you can best utilize your garage, whether you want to make it a work space or recreation center. Call Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890 so we can help you create the ultimate retreat with Orlando floor coating