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Back to School Organization

School is back in session. With new friends and new teachers to meet, it’s something many of us look forward to. There are also a few things you should consider taking care of before the school year begins. The list of school supplies and sporting equipment necessities seems endless, but once you actually have everything you need for your children, where are you going to put it all? Garage storage can give you a variety of options to get organized.


School Supplies

It may be difficult to have your kids keep the inside of their backpacks tidy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them in a designated area so that your kid knows exactly where to find everything. From backpacks to jackets to lunch boxes, you want to make sure your children don’t go to school without the necessities. Wall systems are the perfect addition to your home or garage where you can keep track of school supplies. Hooks and organizational bins applied to a wall track system is a simple way to create a zone that organizes school supplies.

Sporting Equipment

With school in full swing, you might have kids that are interested in joining the football or softball team. More kids are getting involved in sports, and by organizing their sporting equipment in specified bins, or hanging their uniforms or baseball bats on hooks and wall accessories, keeping track of what they need when it’s time to play sports has never been easier. You can spend less time gathering equipment, and more time at practice or doing homework.

Back to College

Whether it’s your kid’s freshman year or their senior year, you can still reorganize the garage with all of their old belongings that aren’t being used. With them away are college, you’ll have more time and space to rearrange, and maybe even make room for a new hobby.

Whatever the case may be, back-to-school is the perfect time to start organizing. At Garage Design Works, we help you transform your garage into the space you’ve always wanted. Let our interior garage design specialists at Garage Design Works come up with a solution to your organizational project by calling us today at 407-447-8890. We offer a free in-home consultation to help you design a plan that best fits your garage storage needs in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota