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Football Season Is Right Around The Corner!

So you walk into your garage and realize the potential it could have if it weren’t for the massive piles of holiday decorations, sporting equipment, old electronics, and things that no longer seem to be of use to you. Well what better way to turn your space into a neatly organized “man-cave” where you and your buddies can enjoy the upcoming football season? With the variety of options offered by an Orlando garage organization business, you can re-design your garage while getting organized.

Starting with the junk piled up against the walls, garage cabinets and wall systems can keep your floor organized so you can make space for a big comfy couch where you can enjoy the game. Stock up your cabinets with your belongings, but designate an area for snacks for when it’s game time. Your Gladiator products will be the envy of all your friends.

Utilize the top of your Gladiator storage bench for the most important entity of your new man cave: your big screen HDTV. The 1.5” bamboo top is durable and sturdy enough for your television, with storage capacity behind the sliding dual bypass doors for knick-knacks.

Tired of the dirty concrete in your garage? Perhaps you once housed your car in the garage, and now the floor is decorated in oil stains. ArmorSeal garage floors feature excellent gloss, and are not only durable, but won’t stain, fade or yellow. It’s much easier to clean up spilled drinks on an epoxy coated floor than on concrete when your friends get rowdy!

Kick-off football season the right way by maximizing the space in your garage using Gladiator products offered by Garage Design Works. We can help you create the ultimate space-saver while impressing your guests and creating a fun atmosphere for your Sunday games. Let our interior garage design specialists at Garage Design Works devise a solution to your organizational project by calling us today at 407-447-8890. We offer a free in-home consultation to help you design a plan that best fits your Orlando garage organization needs in Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota.