Overhead Storage: The Garage Organization Remedy

Organizing your garage isn’t just about getting rid of the junk you’ve decided to store there year after year. It’s about maximizing the space that you have to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Making use of overhead storage is one way your Tampa garage organization experts can help you spruce up your garage. Why waste floor space for things you thought you had no room for when you can utilize heavy-duty overhead storage?

You will most likely be using your Tampa garage organization system for things that may not be used very often. You can get items out of the way for more floor space in your garage, and you can start by storing your seasonal items. You can probably guarantee that you won’t be using holiday decorations more than once during the year, so that can be first on your list. Other season items may also include winter jackets, vacation equipment and camping gear.

Bulky or awkwardly shaped items can be placed in overhead storage. From golf bags to power tools that you only use for certain occasions, overhead storage offers the perfect space for maximizing garage space. If you’re concerned about the weight limits, keep in mind that ceiling mounted storage units can hold up to 800lbs.

Let’s face it. There are probably several boxes of sentimental items that we refuse to toss, sell or donate. Old toys, photos, baby belongings and more can be placed in overhead storage so it’s off the floors, yet safely stored away. This is the best way to reduce clutter and keep items handy even if you aren’t using them year-round.

There’s virtually nothing that you can’t place in overhead storage. At Garage Design Works, our Tampa garage organization experts can create an organization plan that best fits your storage needs. We offer industrial strength ceiling storage that is designed to hold up to 800lbs with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today at 727-378-0513 to learn more about our storage options and to schedule your free in-home consultation with us!