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Slatwall Systems: Storage Bin Holder

ashim d silva 106275 unsplash 1When it comes to keeping your garage clean and organized, finding creative ways to store your stuff is paramount. At Garage Design Works, you’ll find the perfect systems for garage organization in Orlando that can help clean up space. While cabinets are effective, a slatwall system with storage bin holders gives you the freedom to customize your storage solutions. Here are a few ways to best utilize the bins and further expand your storage efforts:

Store Like Items Together

Shoving everything into a single pile or bin makes it incredibly difficult to find the gear, tools, and items you need when you need them. Instead of tossing everything into a single storage bin, separate items by use. Keep sports gear separate from gardening equipment and holiday decorations separate from yard toys. This will give your garage a neater appearance while simplifying your organization.

Keep Beach Towels in the Garage

If you’re like most people, your family doesn’t use their beach towels every day. These oversized sheets of terrycloth take up a lot of space in the linen closet and can be difficult to access on the way out the door! Instead, use storage bins in your slatwall storage system to keep beach towels in an easy-to-access location right by the car.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys have a way of spreading throughout the yard very quickly. While you could store them inside, all that mud, sand, and dew from the grass can leave your home far dirtier than it should be. Instead, keep the outdoor toys, lawn games, and beach toys in the garage where they can drip dry without creating a mess. Storage bins will let the toys breathe and dry without risk of mildew, while also keeping any muck off the floor.

Recycling Bin

Struggling to contain all of your recycling in the kitchen? Add a recycling bin to your slatwall storage system. This will make it easier to take your recycling to the curb while reducing the risk of ants and bugs inside your house.

Athletic Equipment

If your kids play sports, you know just how smelly their athletic gear can get. Rather than letting them store it in their room or inside the house, give them a dedicated storage bin in the garage. This way, the gear will be easy to grab on the way out the door, but you’ll spare yourself the smell of stinky soccer cleats day in and day out.

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