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Small Space? No Problem.

andrew ruiz 394426 unsplash scaled 2Making the most out of a small garage space can be tough, especially if you have a ton of stuff you want to keep outside of the house. While Orlando garage cabinets and overhead storage solutions can help make the space more functional, there are some things you can do to make the garage feel more spacious than it is. We’ve put together a few great tips to help you navigate a small garage space.

  • Think Vertical: Vertical space rarely gets used in the garage. Install overhead storage systems and wall storage systems to make use of your vertical storage space.
  • Paint Your Walls: Dark garages naturally feel smaller than they really are. Instead, brighten up the space by painting the walls white. This will make the garage feel more open and, thus, larger.
  • Clear the Floor: It’s easy to shove items willy-nilly in the garage. Instead, make use of your Orlando garage cabinets and wall solutions. Organize your gear using your storage system, and keep those items up off the floor. The less you have lining the floor of your garage, the larger the space will feel.
  • Ditch the Clutter: As with every room in your home, clutter can make the space feel tight. Go through the items you keep in the garage and get rid of the things you no longer need. As a general rule, get rid of items that you haven’t used in more than a year.
  • Streamline Your Tool Storage: Tools take up tons of space, especially if they’re just propped against the wall. Use a wall system to hold large garden tools like rakes and shovels. Store tool boxes in storage cabinets.
  • Mount Outdoor Gear: Bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and sporting goods take up a lot of space. Instead of leaning them against the wall where they can damage your car, mount them on the wall and out of the way.
  • Create a Scrap Bin: If the garage doubles as a workshop, scrap materials can easily make the room feel more cluttered than it is. Designate a drawer or storage bin in your cabinets for those scrap materials and keep your work area clean.
  • Make Use of Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light, making any space feel brighter even in low-light settings. Hang a mirror or two on your garage walls to add light to the room without increasing your energy bill.
  • Build a Designated Workspace: Instead of working wherever seems convenient at the time, create a designated workspace, such as a workbench.
  • Remember, Less is More: The key to making any space feel larger is finding the right amount of storage for the space. Too many units can make the room feel cluttered.

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