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Spooktacular Ways to Organize Your Halloween Decor

Every year you look forward to Halloween and the annual ritual of decorating your home to celebrate that time of year when little ghouls, monsters, and witches roam the land. Before you can decorate, you need to sort through all that you’ve accumulated over the years, hoping to find everything still intact. Some of these treasures are stuffed away in closets, and some mysteriously find their way to corners of your garage, and they may even be covered in real cobwebs. If you’re ready to remove the clutter from your Halloween decoration festivities, we have some Orlando garage storage ideas you need in order to consider.

Hang Them From the Ceiling

There’s an ingenious way to make your favorite Halloween decorations float above the floor. No, it isn’t due to magic, although you may feel like a magician when your holiday items seem to disappear until next year with the help of ONRAX, the industrial strength ceiling storage. With this storage option, you have over nine shelf sizes to choose from, you can pack away items as heavy at 800 pounds and adjust the shelves to the to height you desire.

Cabinets the Way You Want Them

Don’t feel like you have to stuff decorations in a box and haul it into your attic. You invested in these decorations so it is only natural that you would want to protect them until next year. With our Gladiator cabinet options, you can easily find one or more that fit your storage needs. Our lifetime limited warranty cabinets tuck away and protect your decorations and give you quick access to everything at once when prepping your inventory for the next year.

Use Smart Shelving

If you are a fan of Halloween all year long, then our slat wall systems may be the garage storage choice for you. Just like the name implies these systems are crafted of slats that attach to the wall, giving you an open canvas for any type of storage you like. You can display according to your masterful vision after choosing solid shelves or wire shelves that lock into position. Thanks to this smart wall shelving, you can easily display any number of select ghoulish items from your collection as a fixed decoration inside your garage. These decorative items will stay put until you’re ready to weave them into your indoor and outdoor Halloween displays.

The experts at Garage Design Works are available to help you conjure up spooktacular Orlando garage storage ideas for Halloween and more. Don’t wait for to unpack the next batch of holiday decorations, contact us today by at 407-447-8890 or send us a quick message online, and we’ll be happy to chat about your garage needs.

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