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Stockpile Organization for an Extreme Couponer

Extreme couponing is a great way to consistently save money on a wide range of useful food and personal care items. Putting the time and effort into clipping coupons and purchasing items in bulk can help you build a large stockpile of home supplies that can last for six months or more. Once you have a stockpile, it can easily grow so large that it turns into an overflowing annoyance. If you’ve run out of storage space for your stockpile, it’s time to consider implementing a smart Orlando home organization plan, and your spare garage can play a big part in this plan.

Map Out Garage Space

Start your stockpile storage plan by reviewing the entire area of your garage. Visualize the ideal place to set up a pantry style storage system. You may decide to use a corner space, or devote an entire wall to your stockpile. After making your decision, decide where you want to put all the other items already stored in the garage. Most of your garage space can still be used for storing crafts, tools, sports equipment, etc.

Avoid Clutter with Vertical Storage

Vertical storage systems such as the popular Gladiator slat wall system, make full use of the empty space on garage walls. Instead of installing a few wall shelves, you can install slats that allow numerous rows of hooks. The sturdy hooks hold lightweight and heavy items, and items are firmly secured to the wall until you need them. Removing this extra clutter makes it much easier to build your stockpile storage space.

Garage Storage Cabinets for Stockpiles  

Many couponers use metal or wooden tiered shelves to store bulk goods. This storage method makes it easy to see items at a glance. However, all items are exposed to anyone who walks into your garage, and various packaging can look a bit chaotic.

If you prefer something more aesthetically pleasing, and every bit as practical, garage storage cabinets are an excellent alternative. Cabinets designed for your garage are made of sturdy metal, keeping out dirt, debris, and critters. With goods safely tucked away behind closed doors, only you and your family know what’s inside those spacious interiors.

Keep Food and Other Items Separate

When you visit your local grocery store, you’ll notice that food items are stored separately from items such as household cleaners and pest sprays. This is done for safety and convenience. You should take care to store packaged food items and canned goods away from non-food items. Packaged food items are particularly vulnerable to strong odors seeping from goods containing chemicals. A closed cabinet system is ideal for long-term protection of food goods.

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