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The Benefits of Garage Floor Mats

Don’t overlook the protection and enhancement of your garage floors. If you want to protect your concrete from dirt and oil or want to hide stains, consider rolling out floor mats! Here are the reasons why you would benefit from these garage floors. 

Protect Your Concrete
A good mat can protect your concrete better than most garage floor coverings. Contaminants, such as oil, chemicals, and stains, are tough on the ground of your garage. They are hard on your floors and can even lead to the pitting of the concrete. A mat is a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to prevent this type of damage.

Anti-Slip Capabilities
Concrete is a smooth surface, meaning even a little moisture can make it a slipping hazard. An absorbent garage floor mat is water-resistant, making it an anti-slip protector and preventing anyone from hurting themselves. 

Hides Damage
If your concrete is old, there are probably unsightly cracks and stains. Rolling out a mat will hide these damages easily, with no floor prep needed. Additionally, it adds a nice clean scent, which masks the musty odors that garages can have!

Reduces Debris
Because concrete is porous in nature, it’s constantly producing dust and collecting debris. Dust gets tracked in your home. Placing an absorbent mat helps remove dirt and moisture from your feet so you don’t bring it inside. The polyvinyl construction of these mats makes them easy to clean. Oils and spills can be wiped right up with a mop.

Insulate Cold Concrete
Concrete gets cold — too cold for most feet. These mats help insulate your feet from the cold concrete, making it easier to work in the garage or simply walk in it.

Easy and Inexpensive to Install
Not just a good name — these mats literally roll out, making them simple and easy to put out. With a utility knife, cut to fit the area. Don’t glue them down, but you can use special double-sided tape on the edges if you want to line them up tightly. This affordable alternative to floor protection can be rolled up and stored when not in use. 

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