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The Fisherman’s Garage

adult clouds country 192454 scaled 1Are you a fisherman who’s looking for a clean, simple way to organize your gear? We can help! Whether you’re struggling to store small, easy-to-lose items like bobbers and sinkers, or if you’re hoping to avoid bringing messy boots in the house, we have something for everyone.

Fishing Pole Holder
First things first — you can’t leave your favorite fishing rod on the ground where it could get run over, and you certainly don’t want to leave it leaning up against the door. Our fishing pole holder is great for neatly storing fishing poles. Our slatwall storage systems work with a wide variety of accessories, such as hanging wall panels and hook accessories, to organize your fishing gear.

Gloves and Tackle Boxes
Use our mesh basket or storage bin holder to store larger items such as gloves and spare tackle boxes. To keep your gear even neater, we recommend using a separate storage bin for different types of gear and then labeling each bin accordingly.

Shoe Shelf
Slide a shelf into the slatwall to create an easy-to-store place for messy fishing boots. Consider lining the shelf with a non-adhesive liner to prevent messy boots from sliding around or falling off and to make the shelf easier to clean.

Are you constantly looking for a place to hang your jackets, vests, hats, and waders? Take advantage of our various hook accessories for slatwall storage and you’ll never have to worry about storing your smelly, messy gear indoors.

Small Items
We also offer small items bins, which are great for organizing any extra fishing gear! This includes items like hooks, sinkers, lures, extra line, bobbers, and plastic worms. When your gear is easier to find, it’s easier to get out the door quickly and with everything you need.

Cabinet Storage
Slatwall storage is a convenient way to utilize undervalued wall space. However, if slatwall systems aren’t your organization system of choice, take a look at our Gladiator Premier Series garage cabinets! These offer superior strength, standard rubber casters, and a lifetime warranty. Choose either the standard series or the Everest white cabinets.

It’s time to revamp your Orlando garage storage so you can organize your fishing gear in a clean and simple way. Contact us today to discover how we can help.