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Tips for a Laundry Room in the Garage

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We always encourage you to turn your garage into whatever you want it to be. A garage is a blank slate for you to bring your dreams to life. One of the most popular uses for the garage is as a laundry room. Building a laundry room in your garage is a great way to maximize space in your home. We’ve got the tools and knowledge you need to get started.

Get it Clean
You’ll be transforming your garage into an additional living space, so the first step is to get it as clean as the inside of your home. Garages can collect clutter and build up debris pretty fast. So start by taking everything out, getting rid of what you don’t need, and organizing the rest!

Install the Hookups
Setting up a laundry room in a garage needs the right set up. The area needs hot and cold water supply, a drain, and the right hookups. To carry out all of the cycles, the washing machine needs both hot and cold water, plus a hose. The best place to put the washer is in front of the water spigots. The drain should run into the main plumbing system at a location nearby. Run the hose from the hot water spigot to the hot water inlet found on the washing machine. Then, when it’s time to install the appliances, be sure you have the right electrical outlet. Most washers require 220 volts. 

Insulate the Garage Door
Your garage is typically less insulated compared to the rest of the house. In the colder months, an insulated garage door will help circulate a good temperature so it doesn’t get too cold while you’re cleaning clothes. There are a  variety of insulation options to choose from. 

Wall Systems
Keeping your items off of the floor clears clutter and maximizes your space. Set up overhead storage to neatly place folded towels, detergent, and fabric softener. Slat wall style tracks are used to hang hooks, baskets, and bins to store all of your cleaning and laundry supplies. 

Epoxy Floor
Installing a washer and dryer unit in your garage comes with the risk of leaking. Epoxy floor systems are perfectly designed and suited for any accidents. ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems are a durable floor coating that features finished gloss and abrasion- and chemical-resistance. Your new floors are permanently sealed, which prevents them from ever being stained. If you drop or spill anything, a simple wipe up will do the job!

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