Tips on Using Bins Effectively in the Garage

Summer is here, and it’s time to hit the beach! The towels are in the laundry room, the sand shovels and pails are in the garage somewhere buried under the rake, and the beach umbrella was last seen shading a chair in the backyard. It seems more time is invested in finding all the items needed to go to the beach than actually visiting the beach. In retrospect, spring cleaning should have included the garage. The Orlando garage storage system team at Garage Design Works can assist in keeping your garage in order with the following tips to make storing your items a (summer) breeze with the following tips.

Investing in different sized plastic bins will help contain items that are normally grouped together haphazardly, such as the hand gardening tools that always seem to end up puddled on the garage floor beneath the rakes and shovels. By placing these items in a plastic container and fitting them on a shelf, they will be easily located the next time you garden. The bins you purchase are your prerogative, although clear bins are easier to keep you organized since you can easily spot the items contained within them. If you choose to store items in opaque bins, be sure to label them so they are easy to read from a distance.

Some homeowners choose adjustable wall systems to organize their goods. These wall systems have easy-to-move shelves and hardware that allow for any number of designs. As the seasons change and different goods are utilized, the wall systems can be rearranged to allow for various sized bins and items to move around the garage.

Another option is open cabinets, which store objects in plain view to allow for easy retrieval. With different depths of cabinets available, any number of bins can be safely stored off the floor. Closed cabinets, such as Gladiator Premier Series cabinets or Everest White cabinets, give your garage a clean, organized appearance with everything hidden from sight. The disadvantage is not immediately knowing where to find what you are looking for. Labeling the bins inside the cabinets is helpful.

For the ultimate in garage design, use adjustable wall systems, open cabinets, and closed cabinets to contain your bins. While some items should be kept inside a bin in a locked cabinet when small children are part of the household, other items can be shelved within an open cabinet or on a wall system shelf.

Understanding how to effectively place the bins within your garage will aid in easy identification and simple location of whatever you are searching for. Call the Orlando garage storage system team of Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890 to learn about our storage design products and services, and read the blogs on our website for more information pertaining to garage storage.

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