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The Top 5 Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

Disney Golden Oak 3.jpg The flooring you choose for your home or commercial garage is important. While a standard concrete floor is inexpensive, it soon becomes cracked, pitted, and badly stained. An epoxy finish enhances any floor and gives your garage a long-lasting finish that will continue to look new for decades. Garage Design Works has compiled a number of benefits an epoxy floor finish will give your Orlando garage floor.

  • Durability and strength: Compare epoxy coated concrete to any other flooring type, and you will find epoxy holds up much longer than anything else on the market. Think about how many other types of flooring would withstand heavy vehicles rolling across them day after day, and you will better understand the level of epoxy’s durability and strength.
  • Low maintenance: Because epoxy is non-porous, hardly anything can penetrate its surface. Oil, dirt, grime, and grease are easily swept or wiped away. The non-porous surface deters chemical breakdown, and once it’s washed clean, footprints and mop “swishes” will not even show.
  • Variety: From a simple clear coat to an elaborate, multicolored design, an epoxy finish can range from subdued to bold. Choose the color, design, and texture that meets your needs.
  • Ecologically friendly: Epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly, and with the push for businesses to be more environmentally conscious, epoxy surfaces are finding their way into more than garages.
  • Ease of application: Epoxy surfaces are quick to apply to cement. With minimal installation time, businesses can meet customer needs quickly with little lost time.

The professionals at Garage Design Works are available to answer any questions you may have regarding epoxy surfacing for your floor. Give the Orlando garage floor team a call at (407) 447-8890, and read our latest blogs for information pertaining to our range of products and services.

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