Transform Your Garage Into a Golfer’s Paradise

For the 2013-2014 golf season, the PGA revised their touring schedule to make the season run from October through September. Basically, golf is a year-round sport, so you need your equipment to be in top shape regardless of the season. To ensure equipment safety and readiness, organization off the green is important. Golf bags, clubs, tees, balls and maybe even a golf cart can add up to a big mess. But keeping things together and easily assessable can be a monumental benefit to your sanity and to your golf game.

Here are a few ways you can transform your garage into your very own golfer’s paradise:

  • Overhead bins will save you space. Some amateur golfers may find that they play less in the summer because of the heat. For these players, overhead storage bins may be the best solution. Safely store away your clubs, tees, and balls with our Orlando garage storage solutions until the weather begins to cool down again.

  • Protect your equipment with storage cabinets. Less-frequent players can also make great use of a heavy-duty storage cabinet. With adjustable shelves and plenty of space, you’ll have room to keep all your equipment safe when not in use.

  • A wall system designed with golfers in mind. For the die-hard fans and frequent players, our golf caddy attachment for our innovative wall system is the best solution. This attachment gives you plenty of room for golf bags, balls, clubs, and even cleats.

  • Bins will hold your small golfing essentials. Make use of some small item bins to hold and organize your tees and other small accessories.

We all have hobbies to some degree, and if one of yours is golf, you know about all of the items and equipment that can go along with it, and how much space these items can consume if not properly organized. Golf is ranked as the seventh most popular sport in the United States. According to a statistic, verified by the National Golf Foundation in 2012, there are a total of 29,000,000 golfers in the US–that’s 9.6% of the population. So, if you’re a golfing enthusiast, consider organizing your garage space to safely house and protect your prized golfing equipment.

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