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Transforming Your Garage into a Home Gym

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COVID forced gym rats to stay home, and many looked to build out impressive home gyms while their favorite gyms remained closed. The prime location for many became their garage spaces, even if it’s just a corner of their space. Here’s how to transform your garage in to a home gym: 

Find the space that’s right for you. 

First step to building your dream garage gym is to determine just how much space you’ll need. Lay out exactly how much space your equipment takes up, and don’t forget to include the space taken up by storage units. A small weight rack will take up less space than a full-sized Bowflex. (And if you’re a yogi, check out our blog on transforming your garage into a yoga studio for yoga-specific tips!) 

Protect your floor from equipment damage.

Staples of any personal gym are weight racks and bench sets. While it’s normal to drop weights on the padded floors of your local gym, dropping weights on unfinished concrete floors can damage both your garage floor and your pricey weights. Clients love our epoxy floor coatings; they’re easy to clean and resistant to stress. 

Appropriate storage for your favorite tools. 

From exercise bands to kettlebells, staying in shape in 2020 uses more tools than a standard dumbbell. Proper storage solutions will help keep smaller equipment out of the way when you’re not working out. Consider slatwall storage for smaller items that you constantly reach for or larger cabinets for specialty items that you use less frequently.

Invest in your own home gym, and keep those fitness goals alive. Contact us today for a free virtual consultation, and let us help you put your plans in motion. To discover more ideas for how to transform your garage space, check out the Garage Design Works blog.