Transforming Your Garage into the Perfect Craft Room

Are you looking for a quiet place to set up a craft room in your home because you are tired of working on the dining room table? Then your garage is the perfect place for a craft room! By adding a craft room in your garage, you‘ll be isolated from the noise of the blaring TV and the kids playing in the house. Having your own craft room is sure to bring out the Martha Stewart in you. Here are some tips for an easy transformation:

  1. You’ll first need to clean out your garage. Sell, trash, or donate anything that you no longer need. You want to have lots of cleared floor space.  If you need help, call Garage Design Works for some Orlando garage organization services.
  2. Assess what you will need for your crafting projects. As a crafter you probably use a few or all of these supplies: scissors, glue, beads, fabric ,thread, picture frames, scrapbook paper, stamp pads, stampers, wreath forms, artificial flowers, cardstock, paper cutter, tidy tray, paints, and paint brushes, 3-d flowers, ribbon, and glitter.
  3. Think about storage options for these items as well as workspace needs. Will you need space for any crafting equipment like a sewing machine? How much room will give you adequate space to work? Would you like a work table in the center of the garage or would you prefer a countertop adjacent to the wall?
  4. Before contacting a contractor, decide what conveniences you would like in your craft room. Do you need a sink, cabinets, shelving, extra lighting, outlets, or wall storage system? Do you want protective floor coating, sheetrock and insulation, ceiling tiles, heating or air conditioning? Think about your color scheme so your wall color, floor coating, and blinds or shades will coordinate. Try looking online at other craft rooms that can help you decide on the layout of your own garage craft room.
  5. After the garage craft room design is finished, start transporting and organizing all of your supplies. Decorate any available wall space with colorful accessories and artwork, or a wall stencil displaying your favorite quote. Add furniture, potted plants, and other items that will inspire your creativity.

Contact the experts at Garage Design Works for Orlando garage organization and to learn how they can transform your garage into a craft room that Martha Stewart would envy!

Have you converted your garage into a craft room? Share with us some of the ideas you implemented to create your own hobby retreat.

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