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Trouble Finding What You Need? Have Zones Planned for Your Garage!

real-estate-374190_1920 If our home is our castle, the garage is often given the lowly title of the dungeon. It seems everything unwanted and unnecessary is carelessly left on a shelf for “later,” which never seems to arrive. If you finally find a use for one of these items in the garage, locating it is nearly impossible. Garage Design Works has the answer to that problem: planning zones in your garage to give your items a particular area to call home. With our Orlando garage storage system and ideas on organizing, you can transform your garage from a dungeon to a useful, organized extension of your castle.


  • Create Zones


Go through your garage with paper and pencil in hand and inventory the main items. If you find you have an abundance of yard implements, it would be advantageous, to begin with, a yard work storage zone. A car cleaning zone may be necessary if you have various waxes, cleaners, chamois cloths, hose nozzles, et cetera. If you have a penchant for woodworking, create a particular zone for that project as well. Once the larger areas are established, it is time for step two.


  • Miscellaneous Supplies


Undoubtedly, you have items that are not easily categorized into one of your zones. These are the items that should be neatly organized in their own space. The solution to those random items is a Gladiator hanging wall system. With it’s patented “slat wall” style tracks to hang specialized hooks, baskets, and bin holders for just the right item. The best part? You can easily move items from one location along the wall to another by just moving the hooks. This functionality is convenient for seasonal items that should be within easy reach for a few months, then stored on a higher hook for next year.


  • How to Store


Depending on your zone, you may require shelving, bins, a workstation, workbench, or any number of items. Think about your zones carefully before implementing the design. Some projects require multiple outlets – do you have enough in that zone? You may need to contact an electrician to install more – or different voltage – outlets. Next, determine how you will use the zone. Is it simply for storage or will you be accessing it often? Storage designs from Garage Design Works consist of outstanding Gladiator Premier Series cabinets in any configuration including work benches, hanging cabinets, rolling Gladiator Gearchests and Gearboxes, and more.


  • Call the Pros


Garage Design Works can turn your dream design into a reality with a free in-home consultation. Our team of experts works with you to create user-friendly zones that encompass your main projects and design elements.

Call Garage Design Works today at 407-447-8890 to begin the process of organizing your garage into zones. The result will be worth the effort once you view the garage you planned on paper. The Orlando garage storage system you created will be easy to maintain with a place for all your tools and accessories. For more great ideas on keeping your garage organized and beautiful, read our blog page.

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