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How to Turn a Gloomy Garage Into An Enjoyable Holiday Guest Space

bedroom 1872196 640 Looking at your garage as it is now, it’s hard to imagine it as a welcoming place for your holiday guests. The lighting isn’t great. It’s cluttered, and the floor is masked in  dirt. Yet, with a little ingenuity, Orlando garage floor coating, and savvy use of organizational tools, you can create a cozy, inviting guest space.

Chic New Flooring

The best way to tackle this transformation project is in phases, starting with phase one: the floor.  Replace that grimy ground with beautiful, easily-maintained, contemporary flooring using the ArmorSeal garage floor system. This system uses several layers of durable epoxy coating to create a smooth, sleek floor that easily adheres to concrete, and offers hassle-free upkeep . Chic color choices include gray, saddle tan, and tuxedo. .

Uplifting White Color Theme

After adding insulation to protect guests from temperature extremes, it’s time to paint the walls. White or off-white colors create a light, airy atmosphere, especially if you’ve added windows to let in natural light. When it’s time to add storage space, Everest white cabinets are an elegant choice that combine the durability of industrial steel with modern storage needs. These flexible, multifunctional cabinetry options are great for clothing and accessory storage, and include rolling drawers and wood-topped desks sturdy enough for laptops and video game consoles.

Lighting and Wall Storage

Consider installing artistic pendant lighting for eye-catching illumination, or choose beautiful flush mount fixtures. Instead of bookcases, you can opt for space-saving slat wall vertical storage systems. These systems are easy to customize, and the slats can be used for displaying holiday decorations while simultaneously housing any personal items your guests bring along.

Great for Everyday Use

When your remodeled garage isn’t being used by guests, it’s the perfect  place to store seasonal clothing, toys, craft items, and pre-wrapped holiday gifts. Overhead storage systems hang high above Orlando garage floor coating, and they’re ideal to hold additional bedding, bath towels, and plastic storage bins.

Guest Room Design Help

Garage Design works has years of hands-on experience and we’re ready to assist you with your guest room project. Contact us today for more creative design tips.

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