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Ways to Find a Perfect Gardeners Paradise in Your Garage

You’ve got big plans for your home garden, but you’re annoyed with the lack of space your home provides you to embrace your inner garden nerd. There’s no room for more plant pots, gardening tools, and decorative accents. The experts at Garage Design Works would like to let you in on a little secret. With a touch of creativity, the right storage solutions, and Orlando garage floor epoxy, you can make a serene private gardening paradise.

Right now, your garage is just a collection of random stuff, but you can clear that all away and transform your garage into a functional space to grow your green thumb ideas. Three essential elements can that can help you pull this design plan together are:

New Flooring

Gardening can get messy at times, and if you’re going to work in your garage, it’s good to have a floor that can withstand dirt and occasional spills. Consider giving the garage floor new life with ArmorSeal epoxy flooring in a color of your choice. This modern flooring system coats the original flooring with a self-priming color and covers that layer with protective stain-resistant layers.

Wall Storage

Most garages have underutilized space, and your garage may have lots of extra space for gardening tools and supplies. Slat wall systems are modern, fun, and offer numerous creative ways to use garage walls for storage. One of the great things you can do with this storage method is organizing your collection of gardening tools. Simply install compatible hooks into the slats and hang your tools wherever you please. Bunch small tools together, and organize brooms, rakes, and shovels on another section of the wall

Storage Cabinets

Create an organized workspace using Everest white storage cabinets that glide over Orlando garage floor epoxy. Constructed of sturdy steel, these metal cabinets come with and without wood block countertops. Create ample workspace for potting flowers and plants using a combination wood surface desk and wood top cabinets. Scoot the cabinets under the desk when not in use, and pull them out to instantly expand your work area. Treated wood surfaces give your garage a warm aesthetic that matches the earth-friendly gardening theme.

How to Get Started

Garage Design Works can help you plan the functional and pleasing gardening workspace for hours of gardening fun. Send us a quick message online or call us at 407-447-8890 so our experts can help you find the right Orlando garage floor epoxy and storage solutions for you!