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Pressure Washing Garage Floors

Garage floors can accumulate and build up a lot of dust, oil stains, and other contaminants. To restore floors to sleek perfection, consider pressure washing. Using a pressure washer on dirty garage floors can be a very effective method. If you want good results, here is the key information you’ll need to get started.

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Type of Pressure Washer
You’ll need to choose the right pressure washer to get good results. Start by distinguishing the difference between a pressure washer and a power washer. Although they are often used interchangeably, they are in fact two different types of machines. For one, a pressure washer is a cold water unit, while a power washer is hot. Due to the heavy coils that heat the water, power washers are usually more expensive to rent because they are heavier. However, because hot water breaks down oils, pressure washers are typically more effective on concrete floors. Pressure washers are available in gas-powered or electric.  

Be Cautious
Pressure washers are extremely powerful, so they can be dangerous. Be cautious by wearing steel-toed boots because you’ll be aiming near your feet. The intense pressure of the spray can actually break skin. Don’t run your hand through the spray, and wear protective eyewear. If you are using a gas-powered system, they do emit odorless, toxic, and deadly carbon monoxide gas. Place the machine outside in a well-ventilated space so the fumes don’t accumulate in your garage.

Pretreat with Degreaser
Start by clearing out your garage and making sure the floor is wet to prevent streaks from staining the concrete. You don’t have to sweep the space; just pretreat the stains by applying a strongly concentrated degreaser on the ground. Work it into the stains with a brush. Be sure to let the solution take time to work — at least 15 minutes without drying out. This ensures that any debris doesn’t fly around when being sprayed. 

Start Spraying
Start spraying at high pressure, working in sections. You’ll want to start from the back and force everything outside. Don’t flood your garage; the pressure of the spray pushes the water outside. 

Epoxy Floors
If you don’t want to experience the pressure of pressure washing, we recommend installing epoxy flooring. ArmorSeal epoxy garage floors have a finishing gloss that is extremely durable to both chemicals and abrasion. They are easy to clean, permanently sealed to never stain, and have a coating system that won’t fade. With excellent color and a beautiful finish, your garage will be sparkling!

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