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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Coat Your Garage Floors


It’s a big misconception that winter is the worst time to do work on your garage, especially floors. However, the beauty of the Sunshine state is that Florida winters offer the perfect opportunity to transform your garage without worrying about heat and humidity. This is especially true for garage floor coating. Here are just a few of the reasons why you don’t need to wait until summer to coat your garage floors: 

“New year, new floor” mentality

With the new year, chances are high that you’re already looking for new projects. However, it’s easy for the energy to start to wane if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like. By starting with transforming your garage floors, you create a foundation for the rest of your garage. 

Same quality regardless of when you get it done

Thankfully, Central Florida rarely drops below 40 degrees — even in the winter months. Your garage floor project isn’t likely to be delayed due to cold temperatures. Our knowledgeable Garage Design Works team can let you know if there are any weather conditions that would affect your next flooring project. 

Protect your floors before wetter weather comes through

Spring and summer in Florida brings in seasonal afternoon showers almost every day. By taking care of garage floor coatings in the winter, you ensure drier conditions and lower humidity for your flooring. You’re also able to better protect your garage floors from concrete erosion due to water brought in from your cars.

Enjoy a better looking garage floor sooner

Why put off a project when you can have professional-grade garage flooring now? By purchasing an ArmorSeal Floor system, you get the leading floor coating applied by the experienced Garage Design Works team. 

We offer a variety of garage floor options — all professionally treated and covered with a warranty. Looking for more inspiration to transform your garage space? Visit the Garage Design Works blog