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Why You Should Coat Your Garage Floor

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Garage floor coating might seem like an unneeded luxury for the average family, but the benefits are numerous and go beyond having a shiny garage floor.

Those sleek garage floors aren’t just for car enthusiasts or luxury showrooms. Coated garage floors can save you time, earn back money, and keep your family safer in the long run. Here are just a few of the benefits to coating your garage floor:

Helps keep a garage and its cars clean.

Concrete constantly breaks down, especially if you’re always on the go. Dust particles from the concrete will land on your car — and everything else you store in your garage. High-quality coated floors trap the dust under a protective layer, keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Reduces dust and dirt transfer into your home.

Most families pull into the garage, hop out of their cars, and go straight into the house. This means they’re tracking that concrete dust from the garage onto your clean floors. Coated garage floors keep your family from dragging in dust particles or any residue that could get stuck on concrete.

Safer for your family. 

Dust particulates are more than a cleaning annoyance. Breathing in concrete dust can actually pose a health risk for your family if you spend extended time on your garage’s unfinished floor. Our epoxy garage floors are also slip resistant and can be tailored to your family’s needs.

Makes the garage more appealing to use for other purposes.

Ever dreamed of using the garage for more than parking your cars? Want to transform it into a space to entertain, create a home gym, or develop as a multi-purpose space? Coating your floor is the first step! A glossy floor will make your garage space safer and more appealing to use. 

Adds resale value to your home.

If you ever decide to sell, coated garage floors show potential buyers that you valued every room in your home. Paying attention to your garage floor goes above and beyond what other homeowners are willing to do, and a finished floor will certainly stick out in the minds of potential buyers.

Epoxy coated floors elevate any space, and at Garage Design Works, we specialize in transforming your garage, basement or lanai into the space of your dreams. Our durable ArmorSeal Floor System offers a 4X stronger coating than standard solutions. Contact us for a free virtual consultation.