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Why You Should Trust a Professional with Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Everyone loves a good DIY project — especially when it comes to their garage. But your garage epoxy floors might be one thing you want to leave in the hands of professionals. 

While epoxy kits might be easy to find on the shelves at Home Depot, here are a few reasons why you should save the money on DIY flooring kits and invest in professional epoxy garage flooring:

DIY kits only last a few years. 

The durability of DIY kits compared to professional work is the biggest difference between the two. Even the best DIY epoxy kits last only a few years before showing significant cracks or peeling. Shelling out for recoating doesn’t always work either, as you’re typically forced to remove the old coating before applying a new coating. 

The pros have more designs than DIY epoxy floor kits. 

DIY epoxy floor kits only have a few design options available — typically only a solid color without flakes or a solid color with flakes. Additionally, the vinyl flakes are normally to distract the eye from any bubbles or holes from a cheaper DIY job. 

Professional epoxy flooring broadens your design options. You can still get the speckled design but on a larger scale, rather than being limited to the flakes found in the DIY kit. Professional designs also mean you’ve got a much larger variety of colors at your disposal. 

Cutting costs now means continually redoing your epoxy floor. 

Sure, going to your home improvement store of choice for a DIY kit and spending a weekend coating your floors will be cheaper than hiring pros. The average two-car garage flooring kit costs a few hundred dollars, but as we mentioned earlier, these DIY kits only last a few years. Shelling out a few hundred dollars every few years — not to mention dealing with the hassle of redoing the flooring — often winds up being more expensive in the long run compared to a professional job that lasts up to 20 years. 

Your garage floors should be made to last, resisting the wear and tear of everyday life. Don’t settle for flooring that doesn’t meet your expectations. Schedule a free virtual consultation with us and finally get a garage floor that looks great and lasts for years to come.