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Workbench Organization

There’s no right or wrong way to organize a garage workbench, but every workbench should be organized in some way. Use these Orlando garage ideas so you can customize your workbench to your needs and make it easier to find your favorite tools, outdoor gear, and other supplies.

Turn Walls into Storage Space

Keep frequently used items in reach by transforming a blank wall into usable storage space. A slat wall system with hooks can hang these items for easy access, and organizing them into categories makes finding the right tool even faster. Slat wall systems can easily hold scissors, wrenches, box cutters, screwdrivers, paintbrushes, and all the tools you’ll need.

Tape and Spool Holders

Spools of wire, tape, rope, and yarn should be placed in a handmade holder or ready-made basket or bin. Depending on how many spools you own, you could have several bins and organize them by color, or the type of project they’re used for. Once organized, you’ll never waste precious time searching for the spool you want.

Organize Small Supplies

Small supplies like nails, screws, drill bits, washers, thumbtacks, and rubber bands are easily misplaced or mixed up, and because some of these items are sharp, they can cause injury when scattered on tables or the floor. Instead of keeping them in their original packaging, store them within labeled plastic jars with lids, or use plastic divider trays with clear tops. Most importantly, when you are done using them, make sure to put an extra back in the labeled jar.

Secure It with Bungee Cords

In order to prevent items from falling onto the floor, use flexible bungee cords to hold them in place. With a hook on each end, bungee cords easily attach to slats or holes, making them a simple solution.

Use the Magic of Magnetism

Heavy-duty magnetic strips have magnets on one side and a strong adhesive on the other side. These inexpensive strips can hold metal objects such as keys, drill bits, clippers, small scissors, or knives.

The Ultimate Garage Workshop

If you’re feeling inspired by these Orlando garage ideas to revamp your workbench, contact us today for a free consultation.