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4 Garage Storage Options for Your Large Sports Equipment That Won’t Leave you “Hanging”

GAWA046PSY[1].jpgDid your kayak fall on top of your car again as you backed out of your garage? Spring is the perfect time to organize your large sports equipment before the summer heat arrives. Schedule time on a Saturday to take inventory of what you have. Decide what needs to go, what can be donated, and what you are keeping. Dedicate a section of your garage which will be specifically for sports-related equipment. Items that you use year-round should be stored so they are easily accessible. Less frequently used or seasonal items should be stored in areas that are not near areas of activity in your garage. Consider some of these ideas so you don’t get “hung up” on how to make the most of your Orlando garage storage space:

  • Use the pallet that came with your appliance delivery, sand it down, and give it a coat of shellac. Stand it on its side up against the garage wall and store oars, hockey sticks, and baseball bats. You can easily see what’s stored.
  • Before you toss out that old dresser or bookcase, think about repurposing it into a storage area for some of your large sports equipment.
  • Bike shops or hardware stores sell bike racks which can mount to the ceiling or a wall in your garage.
  • Hang your kayak from a rigging device that can be purchased from any sporting goods store. Prior to storing your kayak, make sure that you rinse it well to remove any salt water that may damage it. Unload any loose gear, leave the hatch straps slack, and remove the soft hatch covers. Cover the cockpit so no bugs or critters decide to set up residence.

If your time is stretched and you want a safe, professionally organized look for your large sports equipment storage, you need to contact the experts at Garage Design Works at 407-447-8890. You won’t be second guessing yourself as to whether you have securely stored those larger items. Garage Design Works has a variety of patented Gladiator Hanging Wall Systems, including gearwall panels, hanging wall panels, and hook and wall accessories. Their industrial–strength Onrax Enduro –Deck Overhead Storage units can hold up to 800 lbs.

Don’t risk a trip to the emergency room or auto body shop because your kayak isn’t securely stored. Investigate the numerous large sports equipment storage options and Orlando garage storage solutions Garage Design Works offers today.