4 Ideas to Convert Your Garage for Back-to-School Activities

It’s October and school bells are steadily ringing. Your kids need to start focusing more on their homework and less on the beach. When they come home from school, do you find them working on the dining room or kitchen table? Do you worry about projects or crafts finding their way on the floor or damaging your nice furniture? Are your kids having trouble settling down and starting their assignments because the TV is on and the phone is ringing?

As difficult as it is to imagine, your garage could be the perfect activity space for your kids to work on school projects, do their homework, and read their school books. If organized and set up properly, the garage could offer an open, clean space for kids to spread out their school materials and get all their work done in a quiet environment without the distractions from inside the house. If you’re still a little unsure about using the garage as a student workspace, consider these functional ideas:

  • You could set up a desk so they could have a quiet, uninterrupted area to do their homework without worrying about having to clean everything up for dinner.

  • You could also set up a project table for those science experiments or messy art assignments. Kids are more productive when they have their own space to accomplish their tasks. It’ll also give them a safe outlet to try new things without having to worry as much about indoor manners.

  • Let them use their creativity to make their own work station. They can be responsible for organizing all of their supplies in drawers and cabinets that they can easily access. You could even repaint the garage walls for a fresh look.

  • To complete this study area and make it feel like an actual room in your home, choose one of our durable epoxy floor coatings for your garage floor. You won’t have to worry about spills staining the floor. With a durable epoxy floor coating, any mess is easy to clean; as an added bonus they are available in a variety of decorative colors.

Now it’s time to make this imaginary back-to-school study area a reality with the help of Garage Design Works. Contact our experts for all your garage epoxy floor coating and organizational needs. Don’t chance having a dissected frog from a science project on your kitchen table!
Does your young scholar use the garage as a study area? How did, or would, you make the most out of a garage back-to-school study area? We’d love to share your suggestions with our followers.

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