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5 Things That Don’t Belong in the Garage


Our garages are open spaces that we feel like we store any of our belongings in. It’s better than paying hundreds of dollars to rent a storage unit each month. However, there are just some things that simply do not belong in the garage. To prevent clutter and damages, these items should never live permanently in your garage.

Cherished Photographs
Your collection of old family photographs that have been passed down generations should not be stored in your garage. Photographs contain a chemical that will wilt the images when exposed to moisture and humidity. You don’t want to end up throwing away priceless memories because of mold. 

Important Documents
Think twice before placing that bin full of important documents in the garage. Documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, legal, financial, and medical paperwork can easily sustain moisture damage in this environment. Additionally, documents left in your garage are easier to steal. The best way to safeguard these documents is to place them in a durable file or fireproof box and store them in your bedroom or home office.

Frequently Used Items
Items that you use on a daily or weekly basis should be left inside of your home. For one, it’s not convenient to go into your garage when you need these items. Rather than storing your regularly-used crockpot, for instance, in your garage, add kitchen shelves for a better solution. The more clutter in your garage, the harder it is to access what you need.

Fragile Clothing
Wedding dresses are best conserved outside of your garage. Delicate clothing can risk irreversible damage from humid, hot, and cold garage temperatures and conditions. Find alternative storage areas for your irreplaceable garments that you want to keep forever.

Food Items
A pantry in your garage seems like a good idea at first, but consider the open invitation for pests to access your food. Cats, rodents, raccoons, and curious squirrels will have easy access to your prized pantry. Plus, heat and humidity from the outside can spoil your food fast.

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