6 Secrets to Childproofing Your Garage

Children have a knack for getting into things you didn’t expect them to access. A garage can be a dangerous place for children. That’s why it’s important to keep their safety in mind when organizing your garage with quality Orlando garage cabinets and other storage systems. Follow these suggestions to prevent injuries and keep your child safe:

  1. Lock up your garage. Keep the door to your garage securely locked so that young children cannot gain access to it. This will prevent a host of accident. Depending on the age of your child, you can consider installing a childproof lock to the garage door.

  2. Set rules. If you have young children, make it a rule that only adults can use the garage door opener. You don’t want to risk having your toddler head for the street once the door is opened. Better still, have the garage door opener installed high enough on the wall so small children can’t reach it.

  3. Store all harmful chemicals in a safe place. Childproof and store harmful chemicals or pesticides in locked cabinets. It’s best to keep them out of sight. Garage Design Works can provide safe storage solutions with its selection of Premier Series or Ready-to-Install Series Orlando garage cabinets.

  4. Stow tools in a safe place. Keep tools with sharp edges out of reach with our overhead storage systems. They are available in nine shelf sizes with two height-adjustment ranges and they suspend up to 45 inches from your ceiling.

  5. Create a barrier for your large outdoor machinery. Put your lawnmower in a place so children can’t get to it but it’s readily accessible for you. You may want to put a tarp over it so little hands aren’t tempted to play with it.

  6. Avoid leaning things propped up on the wall. Never leave large, heavy items like bikes or ladders propped against the wall. Check out Garage Design Works various wall systems which include gear wall panels, hanging wall panels, as well as hook and wall accessories to keep them attached to the walls.

When it comes to keeping your garage organized and safe for your kids, Garage Design Works has you covered. Browse through our blogs for more great tips, or take a look at our inventory of quality Orlando garage cabinets. How have you child-proofed your garage space? Share your tips and trick with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

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