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Benefits of Exhaust Fans

Adding an exhaust fan to your garage is an optimal investment. It’s a great solution to prevent your garage from overheating. Not only will it improve ventilation, but it also provides a lot of other benefits. Here are the advantages of keeping an exhaust fan in your garage.

Air Circulation Improves
If you work on projects in your garage, you could be subjected to the vapors of carbon monoxide from your car exhaust, along with other chemicals and gasses that are circulating in there. Did you know that whenever you open the interior door from your garage into your home, you are letting in toxic vapors that permeate inside your home as well? Exhaust fans will improve your garage’s air quality as it carries the warmer inside air outside of your home and then brings in the cooler air from outside.

Safeguards Items 
If you store your belongings in your garage and don’t want them to be damaged due to soaring temperatures, an exhaust fan will keep your garage cool during those hot, humid days. As a result, your belongings won’t produce mildew, mold, or rust from the excess moisture and heat.

Reduce Costs
Your garage is a natural trap for heat from both the sun and your cars. The exhaust fan brings in the cooler air from outside into the garage. So every time you enter your home, you’re not bringing the hot air with you. Because of this, you’ll see a reduction in your electricity bill.

Eliminates Moisture
Due to the humidity, moisture builds up in your garage and creates mold and mildew. When you pass through your garage into your home, you are carrying airborne spores with you. Install an exhaust fan to expel the moisture out of your garage so the mold and mildew don’t build up and enter your home.

When you decide to invest in exhaust fans, be sure you take measurements of your garage to find the right size. You can purchase energy-saving models or models that can be mounted on the wall, window, roof, or are freestanding. At Garage Design Works, we have the best garage ideas in Orlando. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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