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What’s Best for Your Garage Walls


Plywood or drywall: The question every homeowner asks themselves when they are ready to renovate their garage. Your garage is a very durable domain that has the ability to hold multiple heavy objects and materials. Because of this, plywood and drywall serve the same purpose and are frequently used materials to keep your walls sturdy. Let’s compare the two to find what’s best for you.

Drywall needs to be drilled through in order to place shelves with heavy items. To secure the shelves, you will have to drill through the drywall. Drilling holes could tarnish the clean appeal of your wall long-term.

Plywood, on the other hand, is a neater, smoother way to go. Plywood that covers your wall is much stronger, allowing more weight support. With plywood, you don’t need to drill right into the wall. You simply screw objects right onto the plywood walls, which won’t damage the wall behind. If you’re the type of homeowner the hangs tools and shelves, plywood is for you due to its high resistance to dents. 

For the aesthetic appeal, both options have different types of finish. Plywood has a natural wood pattern, which offers texture. Drywall is more smooth and ready to paint because it doesn’t have wood grain. Consider drywall a blank canvas. 

The stress and difficulty of installation is a considerable factor for homeowners. Drywall weighs more than plywood, making the process a two-person job. Drywall installation requires materials and steps like taping, joint compounds, and sanding the joints. It’s likely you’ll need to call in a professional, as installing drywood is a difficult task for the average person. Plywood, however, does not require joint compound or taping; it simply requires caulking the seams between the boards. 

Fire Safety
Fire safety should be the number one concern for homeowners. In this case, drywall is the better decision because of its thick compound. In comparison, plywood doesn’t offer the same fire resistance. Unlike plywood’s combustible quality, drywall is highly resistance and typically the option most people go to.

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