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Beware of These Garage Organizing Mistakes

clutter-360058_1280If you’ve been reading our blogs, you’ve learned some great tips for Orlando garage organization. However, we still see some mistakes that people make. Here are some tips on what “not to do,” so you don’t expend more time and energy than you should.

Not Scheduling Enough Time

Don’t think that you can organize 10 years worth of collected items in one afternoon? Devote at least an entire weekend, so you can prioritize what you need to eliminate and what should stay. Take the time to figure out an organizational plan that will keep you organized. After all, do you really want to do this again?

Doing the Project Yourself

Get your family and friends to help out. You’ll save time and have help lifting heavy objects.  You may even get some storage layout ideas you would have never imagined. Turn it into an organizational party with some music and refreshing beverages.

Confining the Project to Your Garage

If you have to sort through years of accumulation, then your garage will not afford you the room to do so. Make sure the weather will cooperate, so you can spread things out on your driveway and lawn for sorting and organizing purposes. Then rid yourself of all of those cobwebs, dirt and dust, so you can start organizing in a clean area. You‘ll get a better perspective on what should remain and what should be sold, donated or trashed.

Not Using the Space Appropriately

Keep in mind that the more you remove from the garage floor, the more space you will have for parking cars, accessing items and using the area for other fun activities. Consider overhead storage shelving options for bulky or seasonal items that you don’t use that often.   Use a wall storage system to hang yard tools and bikes and other sports equipment.  Cabinets are a great way to store small items like cleaning supplies, soda and canned-food items that you don’t want everyone to see.

Not Ensuring Your Garage is Safe

If you have young children, make sure that harsh chemicals and sharp tools are stored out of reach. Consider storing your lawn mower in a corner with a tarp over it, so curious little ones are not tempted to play with it. Maintain a fire extinguisher on a wall where you can easily access it if an emergency arises. Ensure that nothing is obstructing the operation of your garage doors.

Not Purchasing the Right Storage Systems to Maximize Space

Using a professional Orlando garage organization company like Garage Design Works can actually save you money and time. We know how to assess your storage needs and provide the properly sized wall, overhead and cabinet storage systems to give your garage a beautiful look and maximum storage space. You won’t have to spend time searching from store to store guessing if you are purchasing the right product to afford you a clean, organized and functional garage. Furthermore, you won’t be spending money on something you can’t use.

Contact the pros at Garage Design Works today to avoid making garage organizing mistakes.