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Choosing the Right Wall Organization System

IMG951216 (1).jpgSome homeowners are particular about how their garages function, demanding their most necessary items be in plain sight and within easy reach. Others believe function is not nearly as important as ambience and they create a stunning garage with matching cabinets and countertops. The Orlando garage storage experts at Garage Design Works can create the garage of your dreams that will meet all your needs.

  • It is a given that your garage floor should have minimum items on it: the car, a lawnmower, and possibly a tool chest. Any other items should be stored elsewhere, and a prime location is along the walls. Many homeowners simply buy oversized plastic bins and stack them against the wall. This method is far from fail-proof because of flooding, which may cause leakage into the containers, and the propensity of a large stack of containers to topple over and destroy what is within them or injure someone.
  • Gladiator hanging wall systems with their patented slat wall tracks are designed to accommodate a variety of hook configurations to hang everything from tiny containers to bulky golf bags.
  • Gearwall panels can be designed for any size wall. With a single panel, a series of hanging hooks will hold all your garden implements: rakes, shovels, axes, clippers, et cetera. An entire series of panels behind the workbench is perfect for small hooks to hold bins for screws, hammers, electrical tape, or power tools.
  • Gladiator carries a variety of hooks for all your needs. Whether you are hanging a bicycle or a sledgehammer, they have a hook for it! Traditional J and L hooks are handy, all-purpose holders, but a fishing pole is likely to slide off these hooks. Gladiator has a specialized fishing rod hook along with horizontal bike racks that snugly situate your bicycle against the wall or a vertical bike hook to hold the bike perpendicular to the wall. Cords and hoses are neatly stored on two-prong cradle hooks while an oversized heavy-duty hook is handy for motorized lawn equipment, such as hedge trimmers, edgers, or weed eaters. Sports equipment is easily gathered in a mesh bag, and different sizes of bags can be used depending on how much equipment you have to store.

The ability to easily store and locate your goods in a safe area keeps your garage organized and all your supplies within reach. Give the Orlando garage storage team at Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 to learn about their line of Gladiator products and how they can assist you in redesigning your garage. Our blogs page has an abundance of information pertaining to our products, services, and organization ideas for your garage.