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Turn Your Garage into a Pet Paradise

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If you love animals, make sure your garage is a safe and secure area for them! From chewing to peeing, pets can be messy and wreak havoc in your home. Don’t confine Fido to just one room in the house or in an uncomfortable crate. The garage gives your pet space to move freely. Place the kennel, cage, or tank right in your garage. Creating a pet-friendly place right in your garage can solve your problems and put an end to any messiness. But first, you’ll need to make sure you’ve prepared the space for your pets!

Climate control should be one of the first things you consider when designing a habitat for your companion. Most pets require temperatures like ours. The temperature in your garage should be the same as in your house. Garages are not usually connected to your home’s HVAC system. It can be, but you might face a hefty charge. Alternatively, you can install an affordable way to adjust the temperature and humidity in there. Consider an independent air conditioning system with a thermostat or thermometer.

Install Windows
If your garage doesn’t already have windows, your companion might feel abandoned, trapped, and left in the dark. Windows not only allow your pet to see the outside world, but they also provide the air circulation you need. Pop them open just enough to have proper ventilation that your pet has some fresh air, especially during the summer months. The natural air helps remove the effects of any hot air that builds up in the garage, including contaminants like dust and bacteria.

These days, high-tech garages are in high demand. You won’t have to worry about your dog’s disruptive barking when you install a sound-proof insulated garage door. And you won’t stress about their wellbeing when you can add a camera, such as the Asante GarageViewer, to keep an eye on them!

Safety and Organization
You’ll want to make sure the area is safe for your animals, so immediately remove any potential hazards. Lock up harmful chemicals and organize your pet supplies by placing them in cabinets, wall systems, or overhead storage. Cover appliances and large equipment like lawnmowers. Keeping these things out of sight will prevent messes or a potentially deadly situation! 

Installing epoxy flooring will make any cleanups so much easier! Your pet may be getting potty trained or shed a lot. Urine can damage garage cement or other improper floor systems, and pet dander can build up making it difficult to wipe up. ArmorSeal is not only a beautiful floor, but it’s very durable. With impact and abrasion resistance, the floors are easy to clean, permanently sealed, and will never stain! 

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