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Designing a Hair Salon in Your Garage


These days, you can do virtually anything from home. If you are an aesthetician and need a space to provide your clients with services, consider designing a hair salon in your garage. It’s warm, welcoming, and doesn’t require too many steps to build. Be your own boss by using this guide to turn your garage into a money-making business!  

Insulation and Air
If you’re going to have clients in your garage, you’ll want to make sure the temperature is comfortable. You should be insulating the area so proper airflow circulates throughout the space. Adding insulation to your garage saves a lot of energy, so in the long term, bills could decrease dramatically. There are three main areas that will need insulation, which are the walls, the doors, and the ceiling. Various types of insulation exist, so it’s important to do research in advance. Once the insulation is placed, it’s time to choose an air conditioner.

Floor Systems
As a stylist, you have to do a lot of cleaning. By placing epoxy floor coatings, cleanups will be easy and just require a simple wipe-up. ArmorSeal Epoxy Floor Systems feature gloss, durability for abrasion- and chemical resistance, and excellent color. The floors are permanently sealed so they can never be stained. Don’t expect any fade or discoloration because the coating is UV resistant. Your choices include the platinum series, premium series, and industrial plus! Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed no problems.

Wall Storage
Display or store your supplies in cabinets for better organization and to keep them in reach. We recommend the top-of-the-line Everest White Cabinet Series. The possibilities for design are endless, and the system has super strength to hold all of your equipment and supplies. With their sleek, professional layout, they add a special style to your garage — with functionality and efficiency. From our large selection, choose a look that reflects your needs, creativity, and personality. Due to its heavy-duty welded shield, you’re looking at a long life and durability. 

Set Up Shop
Once you have all the basic reconstruction measures down, it’s time to set up the hair salon in your garage! After all of the renovations, it’s a good idea to make sure the garage is smelling fresh for your guests. Paint the walls and add the decor in a way that matches your brand’s style and look. You’ll need proper lighting, which is one of the most important steps in the design process. Strategically place equipment, such as chairs and tables, to make space organized and welcoming. Then, it’s time for business. Once your clients see your salon, they won’t believe it’s a garage!

At Garage Design Works, we’ve got all the logistics for turning your garage ideas in Orlando into reality. Our team of experienced experts is more than qualified to handle the job. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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