Creating an Outdoorsman’s Dream Garage

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the nation is trapped indoors, either for comfort, safety or out of sheer desperation to escape the cold weather. In such conditions, it’s obviously difficult to enjoy the garage as a transitional space between your home and the great outdoors.  Fortunately, here in Florida, our climate presents the wonderful opportunity to develop a perfect outdoorsman’s paradise. And getting organized is the first step to easily enjoying all that Florida has to offer.

Florida’s year-round mild climate makes it a great place for sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.  However, most of these outdoor activities require a great deal of gear.  How do you keep it all organized and out of the way?

  • For skaters, cyclists, and surfers, innovative wall systems are a great solution.  Add racks and hangers to your system to keep bikes and boards off the floor.

  • Avid campers should look into overhead storage systems.  Keep tents and heavy equipment in durable containers mounted to the ceiling for easy access when your next big trip comes around.

  • Are baseball, soccer, and football more your speed?  Spacious Orlando garage cabinets equipped with shelving, baskets, and hooks can create the perfect storage solution for sports fans.  Keep your cleats, bats, and balls all in the same place!

Any storage system can be completely customized to your individual needs and desires. Do you need some inspiration when it comes to planning and designing your new storage space?  It pays to have professional guidance when determining the best storage solutions for your space and to have an expert handy to install your planned storage systems.

Let Garage Design Works help you initiate the process!  We offer Orlando garage cabinets, garage floor epoxy and garage organization solutions.  Check us out online and see for yourself what’s available, or contact us by phone or via the website today!

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