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Epoxy Floors: Common Q&A’s

Whether you own a business or are simply working to keep your home clean, you know that nothing gets dirtier than the floor. For most people, mopping multiple times each day is more work than they realistically have time for! In industries and homes where chemicals are used frequently, stains and spots are a daily nuisance. Upgrading Orlando garage floors with an epoxy coating is the perfect way to make the space easy to clean while elevating its appearance. For everyone considering upgrading to epoxy floors coatings, it’s normal to have a few questions on your mind. We’ve answered a few of the most common ones.

Why Should I Upgrade at All?
Normal concrete flooring is porous and absorbs liquid spills, oil, chemicals — even cleaning agents. Over time, this build up makes the space look dirty, even if you’ve taken pains to clean it. Epoxy coatings form a protective barrier between the concrete and spills. Nothing will soak in, and any spills can simply be wiped away with a damp rag. For stubborn spills, regular soap and water will typically be enough to get rid of grime.

Are They Really Durable?
If you’ve ever done any work in the garage, you know that falling tools pack a punch that can damage the floor upon impact. Just as epoxy protects floors from stains and spills, it also protects against impacts, scratches, and dings. If the coating is damaged, the scratch can easily be repaired and buffed away.

Can’t I Install It Myself?
Some hardware stores sell epoxy coatings, but they’re not as durable or high-quality as the ones installed by a professional. Worse, if you don’t install the coating correctly, you may accidentally damage the concrete underneath the coating. When in doubt, leave installation to the professionals!

What If I’m Worried About Slipping?
Slip and fall accidents are nothing to joke about — they can happen when you’re least expecting them. Luckily, it’s possible to install a non-slip coating for your Orlando garage floors so you’ll never have to worry about slick spills ever again.

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