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How to Perform a Garage Door Safety Test

A necessary and important step in garage organization Orlando is performing a garage door safety test. Garage door openers are convenient and reliable, but need basic maintenance. To prevent accidents, you should be performing these three simple tests every year to ensure that your door is operating effectively and safely. 


Mechanical Reverse
The opening system has measurements in place that allow the door to reverse if it has too much resistance. You can easily adjust most openers, and simply test it to be sure. First, you’ll need a piece of brick or wood that is at least an inch thick. Place the brick or wood on the floor of your garage, then close the garage door. When the door hits the block, it should reverse direction. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to need to have it fixed. If it works properly, move on to the next test.

Door Balance
The garage door tracks must be hung so it maintains a safe balance, so the door doesn’t slide shut if the gears have a glitch. To test, switch your garage door to operate manually by simply disconnecting the opener from the door. Lift the door up and let go. Your door should be staying in place. If it slips, it isn’t balanced.

Locate the two photo — or camera-like — sensors at the bottom of the garage door. Once you identify the obstruction sensor, check its alignment. If they are correctly aligned, they will light up. Activate the door and as it closes, wave something across the sensor path. If an object breaks the beam, the door will stop closing. The door will immediately reverse. Test three different points in the beam’s direction. 

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