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Garage Holiday Prep

christmas-house-554726_1920 The holiday season is quickly approaching. While the festivities are joyous, the idea of decorating is usually daunting, especially if last year’s decorations are in red and green bins stashed full of miscellaneous supplies. After digging and searching for the last strand of lights, you decide this will be the year you finally decide to contact Garage Design Works and ask how their Orlando garage ideas can aid in organizing your holiday supplies to make next year’s unpacking a much simpler task.

  • Store by season: This seems so simplistic, but some holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Halloween, share the same color motif and are inadvertently jammed into one location or bin. If this describes your organizational plan, it may be a better option to leave all Halloween costumes, bags, and items related to trick-or-treating in one bin and store the home décor in a second (or third) bin. Christmas decorations that linger past New Year’s are also prone to be stored in one bin. Unpacking New Year’s revelries in November seems a bit out of place, though, so transfer the New Year’s supplies to a separate – and perhaps smaller – bin.
  • Simplify: Every year millions of school-aged children arrive home with ornaments designed from dough, macaroni, or other edible media. Florida residents understand the hazards of storing food overnight, much less from one year to the next. If you have food-based ornaments you do wish to store, use a small airtight container that only stores these sweet items. Otherwise, enjoy the treasures for a season, take plenty of photos, and throw them away. Family heirloom items are definite keepers, but scratched bulbs look second-rate and strings with only half the lights working need to be fixed immediately or thrown away.
  • Stop the tangle: Flashing, dangling, multicolored… no matter what type of light strands you choose, the complicated tangles that you must unravel every year are frustrating. Wrap light strands around a cylinder, such as a paper towel holder. Garland and extension cords can be more easily stored in this manner as well. If you have a larger diameter cylindrical tube, that works even better.
  • Ornament storage: Specialized storage bins for ornaments are undoubtedly scattering the shelves of your closest big box store. You can also create your own ornament containers with strips of cardboard separating the individual ornaments. With either method, it is much easier to pack when the ornaments do not have to be wrapped or boxed before storage, which eases the unpacking for future years.
  • Clear plastic bins: The red and green Christmas bins are easy to spot and are in abundance this season, but it is impossible to see what they contain. Clear containers are much more practical, but if you have invested in opaque containers, write the contents on the outside so you do not have to open and dig through each bin to see what is inside.

Once you have the items properly sorted, give them a specific area where they do not interfere with the other items in the garage. Overhead storage is a fantastic location for these items since they are only used a short period of time each year but take up a significant footprint of floor space in many garages. Give Garage Design Works a call at 407-447-8890 and invite their organization experts to visit your home. Ask the Orlando garage ideas specialists to determine how to store your items properly to take up the least amount of room with the best accessibility.

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