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Build a Photography Studio in Your Garage


Are you a photographer with no workspace? Garage Design Works, the experts in Orlando garage ideas, can help you turn your garage into a real photography studio. Your garage is a great space to use for basically anything you want, and we’ve got the steps to help you get shooting!

Clear It Out
Your garage may currently be a dumping ground right now for your excess belongings. The first step is to remove everything, then sell or donate what you don’t need. Now, with the stuff you’re looking to keep, it’s time for some storage solutions to clear up space and make room for your photography equipment.

Adding Insulation
There will be people coming in and out of your studio, so it’s important to have air circulating. You don’t want subjects to be sweating in their portraits. Garage insulation is crucial to the design process. Adding insulation allows you to be comfortable with the temperature, plus you’ll save a lot of energy. You will see a dramatic decrease in your electricity bill. Plus: It will sound-proof your space so you can keep the noise out in case you are working with small children who may get startled or distracted. There are three main areas that need insulation: walls, doors, and ceilings. Research the different types of insulation, which can include batt, foam boards, foam sealant, and loose and blow-in.

Fix the Floors
Although you’ll be using backdrops, you’ll want your floors to look nice and sleek in front of your clients. Garage floor painting is more than just looks, though; it provides the ultimate protection against grime and grease. Perhaps your clients have muddy shoes, or a child spills his milk. Heavy-duty floor coating will make cleaning simple and easy! Choose from a variety of colors, including saddle tan, tuxedo, terrazzo, sandstone, and grey.

Maximizing Space
You’ll be having clients come to your studio, so your personal belongings need to be out of sight. With the Premier Series Cabinets, you can neatly store your belongings without your guests ever knowing what’s behind the doors. The Gladiator Premier Series provides superior strength, standard solid rubber casters, and a lifetime warranty. In your home, you carefully select items that reflect your personality. Your garage should be designed in the same way so that room sparks your creativity — especially because you’re an artist capturing photos.

Choosing the Right Lighting
Don’t leave your garage dark and dull. Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important parts, especially because you’ll be doing photography there. There are three basic types of artificial lighting, including task, accent, and ambient. Because your garage is multi-functional, layered illumination keeps yours prepared for what your work area. Choose from a variety of interior types, such as shop lights, strip light fixtures, high bay, wraparound, LED, and flush mount. Take into consideration your own lighting equipment and what would work well with the photographs you plan to snap. 

Once you’ve revamped your workspace, it’s time to set up your photography studio equipment and you’re good to shoot! At Garage Design Works, we offer Orlando garage ideas for every space. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer!

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