Garage Storage Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Sometimes in a flurry of activity and in the busyness of life, things get overlooked. It’s easy to do, right? After all, you can’t think of everything at the spur of the moment. The same can be true when it comes to organization. As our lives become ever busier and even more cluttered, the importance of finding creative, innovative solutions to storage and organization seem more apparent.

Maybe you’re planning on a large Orlando garage organization project. Well, besides the usual culprits of bins and shelves, how about trying some new and innovative techniques? Need some inspiration? Read on and contact Garage Design Works to get the ball rolling!

  • One brilliant way to make extra space in your garage area is to put your recycling bins out of the way.  Select a bin holder for your wall storage system and sort your trash and recycling as desired.

  • Don’t overlook the little details!  Organize and store small items, such as screws, nails, and hinges, in appropriately sized containers and hang them neatly on your wall system.  Use labels to distinguish between different sizes.

  • Consider keeping a clean-up caddy in your garage to quickly fix spills and messes.  Hang paper towels with a tension rod, or you could even repurpose it as a trash bag dispenser!

  • Take advantage of the many uses of hooks. Hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can help you hang up just about anything!  These great and often overlooked accessories can keep lawn chairs, rakes, hoses, wheelbarrows, and a plethora of other things up and off the floor and out of the way.

It helps to have some guidance when determining the best storage solutions. Let Garage Design Works help you initiate the process of your Orlando garage organization project!  Take a look at the range of accessories Garage Design Works offers for your wall storage system here.

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