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Why Should I Get Epoxy Flooring?

paul cisneros 217657 unsplash scaled 2There’s more to keeping Orlando garage floors clean than simply organizing your home storage system. Though there are dozens of options, epoxy floor coatings stand out as an excellent choice. Wondering if epoxy floor coatings are right for you? Here’s what you need to know:

Epoxy Flooring is a Budget-Friendly Option

There are dozens of myths out there about garage floor coatings, but the most prevalent is that epoxy flooring is prohibitively expensive both to install and maintain; however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Epoxy flooring is affordable for almost every home improvement budget and requires minimal maintenance after installation. This means rather than worrying about annual maintenance and resealing, you only pay for the upfront cost of the coating. With concrete repair costs averaging well over $100 per hour, you’ll save money with epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Makes Orlando Garage Floors Easy to Care For

Unsealed concrete stains incredibly easily. The material is porous, meaning it absorbs liquid quickly and easily, often before you even have a chance to pick up the spill. This leaves you with an unsightly stain or watermark that can typically only be removed with lots of elbow grease. Though epoxy floors may sound high-maintenance, they’re actually easier to care for than concrete! Spills sit on top of the coating rather than seeping into it, allowing for easy cleanup.

The Coating is Versatile

You never know how you’ll use your garage over the years. Often, what starts out as a great place to park your car quickly turns into a work area, the home storage facility, or even the kids’ crafting zone. This can put a strain on the floor, but high-quality epoxy coatings are capable of handling them all. The coating seals the floor against stains, can withstand the use of chemicals, and prevents mold and mildew from taking root, keeping valuable items safe from contamination. Best of all, it provides years of low-maintenance upkeep, so you’ll never have to sacrifice a weekend just to remove that spilled stash of exterior paint.

As with all coatings, it’s best to let the professionals handle installation. If you’re ready to upgrade your Orlando garage floors with a durable epoxy coating, don’t wait! Call us at (407) 447-8890 to schedule a free consultation and in-home estimate.